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Big Changes! AP® World Languages Exams are Going Digital for 2017

October 6, 2016 Learning Link Blog no comments


Will You Be Ready? We are.

The College Board has officially announced that the Spoken Free Response Sections of the AP French, German, Italian, and Spanish, as well as the Music Theory, Exams will be going digital for testing in May 2017. This is a major (and necessary) shift that will affect over 220,000 exams taken yearly.

So what does this mean exactly? It’s retirement time for all of those cassette recorders that are taken out of the closet once a year and used for student recordings – all recordings must be done using digital recording technology. Response CDs and tapes will be gone, too, and student recordings will be submitted digitally to the on-line AP Digital Submission Portal.

While any change can be challenging, it really is time. High school students don’t even know what cassettes are. Audio quality in this format is often poor, and collection and scoring is time-consuming and inefficient.


New Requirements from The College Board for Students’ Free-Response Tasks

What solutions are available? With many years of providing technology for AP exam administration, we at SANS believe that we have the best solutions for practice, testing, and collection of student recordings. Our technology solutions for AP and other exams with speaking components have “passed the test” with flying colors. How do we know? We continually ask the teachers and instructional technologists who use SANS technology with their AP world language students. We’ll share some of the feedback with you:

High-quality teachers and well-functioning language labs together make for a winning combination in helping students to be successful on AP testing day.

(AP World Languages Testing of 400 Students)
Instructional Specialist, International Languages
Northside ISD, TX

The Spanish and French exams went very smoothly. Thank you!
World Language Technology Assistant
Acton-Boxborough Regional HS, MA

sansspace-live-speaking-examWhat about Chromebooks™ and tablets? Now the best news of the day! If you have school-issued Chromebooks™ or tablets, that your students will be using for the AP exam, SANSSpace LIVE (our latest technology platform) IS THE ONLY ONE out there that is compatible to administer the AP spoken free response questions. In a couple of simple steps, student IDs are done, recordings collected and ready for upload to the AP cloud portal.

How do you plan for this change? According to the College Board, initial planning should begin now with exam administration details ironed out by November-December. Then it’s time to practice… practice… practice so that your students are comfortable with the technology, so they can focus on the exam! We are here to help you. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your AP World Language Program and the technology that can help you to prep your students and get through the exam “smooth as silk.”

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