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SANS Inc. is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. Looking back and looking forward.

June 27, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

When we started.

The year is 2003. Apple’s iTunes Music Store is named TIME’s Coolest Invention of the year; cell phones with built-in digital cameras are quickly gaining momentum with 6 million sold in the U.S. alone. In June of 2003, a new company, SANS Inc. Software and Network Solutions is created to provide new language lab software solutions to schools, universities, and government agencies.


Where we are today.

The year is 2018.  More than 35 million people pay for music subscriptions in the U.S., and approximately 237 million people in the U.S. are smartphone users.  At SANS Inc., we are celebrating our 15th anniversary, and world language programs in schools across the U.S. are seeing the benefits of SANSSpace LIVE, our browser-based instructional technology for language teaching anytime, anywhere.

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Language Teachers – What are You Doing this Summer?

June 13, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

See what your colleagues are reading, listening to, viewing, and doing over the summer break.

With the school year at an end, the question becomes “what are you doing this summer?” For many language educators travel is on the agenda for both pleasure and research. Often though, while jetting to a far off place, relaxing poolside, or just at home enjoying some well-deserved R&R, there’s time to catch up on a good book, watch a movie, or get to some professional development;  giving some attention to the things that usually take a backseat during the busy school year.   We caught up with a few language teachers to see what they would be doing this summer.  Here’s what they said.

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A Look at Language Teachers Who Inspire – Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

May 7, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

Once again it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate teachers around the country.  As a company focused on technology for language teaching, we at SANS work with language educators every day.  We see firsthand the passion for the language(s) they teach, a deep-rooted appreciation of world cultures, a drive to open new doors for their students, and an overall “joie de vivre”!

We’d like to share some inspiring stories about language teachers who are being recognized in their communities and by their students for their outstanding work. We hope you enjoy reading about these accomplishments.  We encourage you to share more stories about the teachers you know (maybe you?) who are engaging and inspiring students through language.



Manhasset Spanish Teacher Honored – Focuses on Natural Conversation in Class

“What I like to do is use the language naturally in the classroom by telling anecdotes about my dog or my son or something about my experiences in Spain,” Wiley said. “I try to create an environment that the kids feel comfortable talking and making mistakes in, trying to use the language regardless if it comes out perfect.”

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AP World Languages Exams Are Just Around the Corner

April 12, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

What’s Your Game Plan?

AP® exams are less than a month away.  With over 200,000 AP world languages exams being taken, there are thousands of language teachers prepping students to help them do their best. IT staff and AP coordinators are reviewing The College Board testing guidelines to ensure that the exams are administered equitably and responses are submitted to The College Board’s Digital Audio Submission (DAS) portal without a hitch.

We too, at SANS Inc., are working closely with our clients, schools that use our technology for language classes throughout the year and to administer AP world languages exams each May. We reach out to AP teachers and proctors to be sure they are familiar with the exam mode functionality in our SANSSpace™ LIVE browser-based instructional technology and our Virtuoso™ language lab software.  We’re on board for the entirety of the AP exam schedule to help in any way we can – and we do look forward to positive reviews post-AP exams.

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Great Turnout at SANSSpace LIVE Webinar – Tech Tools to Build Proficiency

March 27, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

SANSSpace LIVE Simple-to-Use Teacher Interface

We had a great turnout for our webinar: Technology Tools to Help Build Proficiency with SANSSpace LIVE.

Attendees included Spanish Teachers, French Teachers, Italian Teachers, Mandarin Teachers, World Language Department Chairs, Curriculum Supervisors and others.

Our focus was to show how the SANSSpace LIVE instructional technology platform is helping language teachers increase student communication in all three modes – interpersonal – interpretive – presentational.
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Language Educators Share Ideas & Best Practices at NECTFL 2018

February 7, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

The annual Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) is taking place in New York City this week. This gathering of about 1,300 language educators, from Maine to Virginia, provides an opportunity for professional development, networking, and seeing first-hand, the latest technology solutions and published materials for language teaching.
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The Skinny on SANSSpace™ LIVE

January 26, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

SSL GuiYou may have been hearing and seeing a lot about SANSSpace LIVE at conferences, on the web, in social media recently. But what is it and how can it help you as a language teacher?

SANSSpace LIVE is a browser-based language teaching & learning platform, with productivity tools to help teachers guide and engage their students in active language learning.
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Language Lab Technology that Is Free like a Puppy

January 10, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

Happy 2018! As we start the New Year, many schools and districts are seeking out productivity tools for new or developing 1:1 initiatives. In tandem, world language educators are tasked with finding ways to increase target language communication to build real-world language skills. Mobile instructional technology platforms can help by providing more interactive learning (increased speaking) with teacher guidance and feedback.

With that said, we are seeing offerings of apps, language lab platforms, and other technologies that promise to be “free.” But the question is: Are they really free?
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Introducing a New Pronunciation Activity Tool for Language Learners

November 14, 2017 Learning Link Blog no comments

SANS Inc. is introducing a brand new Pronunciation Activity Tool which is part of the SANSSpace™ interactive language learning platform. We will be showing it this week at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Conference in Nashville, TN.

Developed Using the Latest Technology

Our development team is using the latest text-to-speech and voice recognition technology, converting text-based material into spoken audio for pronunciation and speech practice. The tool supports multiple languages so it can be widely used in diverse language programs in schools, colleges, universities, and government agencies.
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SANS Inc. Joins ICTFL to Celebrate its 30th Year Supporting Language Teachers & Students

October 18, 2017 Learning Link Blog no comments

This week, the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ICTFL) is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The celebration will be part of its Fall Conference being held in Tinley Park, IL. The conference brings together hundreds of foreign language educators across Illinois to learn and share best teaching practices. The 2017 conference theme is “Explore the Core, the World Language Core: Motivate, Measure, Maximize.”

SANS Inc. Joins the Celebration

SANS Inc. is pleased to support ICTFL as the corporate sponsor for the organization’s 30th Anniversary celebration and cake cutting. “SANS is pleased to support ICTFL as a catalyst to advance the teaching of foreign languages in Illinois,” said SANS president Ron Remschel. “Congratulations to ICTFL and all of your members as you celebrate this important milestone.”
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