SANSSpace™ Virtual Language Learning Platform

Extend language learning to your students anyplace, anytime, on any device.

SANSSpace virtual language learning platform offers tools for language teachers to develop, manage, and seamlessly deliver rich multimedia course content and allows students to access it anytime, anywhere, using a variety of devices including PCs, tablets, Chromebook™ notebook computers and more. Integrated into your curriculum, this managed environment offers students more collaboration and student-centered learning.

Listening and Speaking Activities – Oral Assessment – Authentic Media Integration
Virtual Language Lab – Chromebook™ – iPad® – 1 to 1 Programs

Mobile Language Learning

NEW! SANSSpace LIVE gives teachers the ability to hold anytime – anywhere interactive language lab sessions. Students gain more opportunity to develop communication skills with work on listening and speaking practice, individually or in pairs, all in a teacher guided setting.

Your language lab is now any classroom or anywhere, any day or every day.

1 to 1 and BYOD schools have a powerful teaching tool to maximize individual and group language learning like never before!


SANSSpace Live interactive instructor interface

SANSSpace Live interactive instructor interface

  • Modern and intuitive teacher and student interfaces
  • Communicate with all students, individual students, or pairs working together
  • Pair students for listening and speaking practice
  • Select and send media files to students
  • Live monitoring and oversight of student activity
  • Easily collect student work for review and assessment anytime, anywhere

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  • Language learning is now 24/7 with SANSSpace cloud-compatible virtual platform
  • Access to language courses and content from almost any device – on-the-go, flexible learning with the SANSSpace Mobile App
  • The virtual language lab comparative recorder facilitates student engagement in real-world listening and speaking activities for increased proficiency
  • Students and teachers seamlessly share ideas using the built-in synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools
  • Instructors use the progressive tracking tools to assess student and group learning competencies
  • Text, verbal, and video instructor feedback placed within each student's work provides a framework for students to reflect, review, and revise their output to improve communication skills


The SANSSpace virtual comparative recorder delivers high-quality audio and video content and enables students to comment or respond to questions, as well as save their work. Students can then listen to the audio or view the video content simultaneously with their recording for comparison and reflection.

You provide feedback and guidance simply by inserting text, audio or video comments at any point within a recording.

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Students today are connected electronically 24/7. With the SANSSpace mobile app, language learning activities can continue wherever they are. Now they can access SANSSpace from tablets and other mobile devices. They'll find it easy to listen to an audio file or view an assigned video, do some speaking practice or check on course announcements on the fly.


SANSSpace tracks and captures how each student interacts with multimedia content. This detailed tracking and reporting capability can be a great indicator of how fluidly students are working through course content. This also means that you can measure individual progress or gauge overall results for an entire class, allowing for easy identification of a specific assignment or concept and redirection as necessary.

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