SANSSpace™ Virtual Language Learning Platform

SANSSpace LIVE - Turn your mobile devices into a language lab.

Engage students and increase target language production with interactive language learning activities in any classroom or anywhere, any day or every day.

Start a "LIVE" class, using your mobile devices – tablets and Chromebooks™.

With SANSSpace LIVE, The Language Lab is Always Open.

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SANSSpace Live interactive instructor interface
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  • Multi-platform mobile language learning technology – One-to-One and BYOD programs
  • Maximize class time with modern, easy-to-use teacher and student interfaces
  • Pair students for listening and speaking practice
  • Conduct live oral assessment
  • Speak with all students, individual students, or pairs working together
  • Select and launch media activity files for students
  • Differentiate learning to accommodate all students
  • Easily monitor and oversee student progress
  • One-step collection of student recordings for review and feedback anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal for blended learning – in school and at home
  • Design, development, and support in the U.S.

SANSSpace Live interactive instructor interface