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SANS Inc. SCOLT Leadership Workshop Highlights Individual “Strengths Performance”

March 14, 2017 Learning Link Blog no comments

– By Linda Markley, SCOLT President

The 2017 Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) will be held in Orlando, FL – March 16-18.

SANS Inc. Support for SCOLT and Language Education

On behalf of SCOLT, I am happy to announce that for the fifth year, SANS Inc. is a sponsor for our Leadership Initiative. We are so grateful for SANS’ continued support of our Leadership Workshop to bring together leaders from the SCOLT region and beyond in order to build a stronger language community.

We really need that more and more as we all need to raise a collective voice that enlightens the world to the power of language education. To accomplish this, we need strong leadership as well as a succession plan to continue moving forward and progressing further into the 21st Century as global citizens and advocates for world languages education. That is why this year’s theme for the Leadership Workshop is ”Strengths Performance”.

Goals of the SCOLT Leadership Workshop – Combining Personal Strengths to Create Solutions

“Strengths Performance” is an interactive workshop designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about their inherent talents. After completing the Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder, participants discuss, analyze, and reflect on the real-life behaviors stemming from one’s top five Signature Themes. Leaders are provided insight into why they are successful, what they do best, and how to use strengths more deliberately to enhance performance.

To be an effective leader, I found I needed to first know my own personal strengths. This became my motivation to have 25 Experienced and Emerging Leaders coming to the workshop from 10 of the 13 states in the SCOLT Region as well as from other regional organizations like NECTFL and CSCTFL and national organizations like NADSFL, NCSSFL, ACTFL and JNCL. My vision is that we can take all our individual strengths and combine them together in the perfect “formula” to create a “solution” to many, if not all, of the challenges we face in our organizations today (like legislative initiatives that are replacing world languages credits with computer coding credits!) Our organizations can only grow stronger through collaboration and sharing like this! #LanguageMatters #LanguagesUnitedandStrong

When I took a leadership workshop led by Dori Bisbey*, a recognized certified trainer, many years ago, it changed my life both personally and professionally. I hope it does the same for those colleagues who will attend this workshop at SCOLT this week. Again, thank you SANS’ for your generous sponsorship to make this happen!

SANS Inc. at SCOLT 2017

The Leadership workshop will be preceded by a luncheon hosted by SANS Inc. Daniel Maaske, SANS’ SE Regional Manager will welcome and address the Leadership Workshop attendees.

In addition to participating as an exhibitor, Daniel will also present a conference session focused on how the SANSSpace™ LIVE instructional technology platform can help to increase active language learning: “Going Mobile? Need a Technology Platform to Engage Your Students?” All conference participants are invited to attend. (Session #053, Friday, March 17)

*Dori Bisbey is a consultant and certified trainer for numerous Leadership offerings. She has developed, delivered, and evaluated professional development for school districts and organizations throughout the country as well as trained trainers for various professional development offerings. She has presented at state and national conferences and collaborated with various agencies to meet specific needs of the organization (e.g., facilitate strategic planning, conflict resolution, problem solving, shared decision making, team building, vision and/or mission building).

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