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SANSSpace™ Virtual Language Learning Platform

Language Learning is Now 24/7

As a Virtual Language Learning Platform, SANSSpace helps language teachers develop, manage, and seamlessly deliver rich multimedia course content and allows students to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device.

SANSSpace LIVE (Live Interactive Virtual Environment) enables synchronous, teacher guided learning within the SANSSpace platform. Simple and easy-to-use mobile tools for the teacher and students increase target language production with interactive activities in any classroom or anywhere, any day or every day.

The Language Lab is Always Open.

SANSSpace Encourages Flexible Individual and Blended Language Learning

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  • A multi-device, browser- based, virtual language learning platform
  • Ideal for blended learning – in school and at home – 1to1 – BYOD
  • Practice for and administer AP® and other speaking exams
  • Tools to manage courses, content, & users, within a secure environment
  • Virtual comparative recorder for listening and speaking practice
  • Create and share authentic audio, video, text, web-based activities
  • Instructor feedback tools– insert audio, text comments within student recordings

Add SANSSpace LIVE to Maximize Active Class Time and Guided Learning

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  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with a view of all students
  • Communicate with all students, individual students, or pairs working together
  • Pair students for collaboration and speaking practice
  • Select and launch media activity files for students
  • Choose students to “present” to the class
  • Conduct live oral assessments
  • Live monitoring and oversight of student progress
  • One-step collection of student recordings for anytime, anywhere review & feedback
  • Detailed activity tracking and reporting for Instructors, Students, Administrators
  • Tools to differentiate learning to accommodate all students

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