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How can an on-demand language lab help my students?

Our browser-based language lab technology provides a platform for synchronous language learning in-class, for distance learning, and for hybrid learning scenarios. With integrated tools designed specifically for language learning, students develop core target language skills as a group, with partners, and individually. An open platform makes it easy to integrate published materials and teacher-developed authentic content.

Whatever your learning model is you can engage your students in synchronous language learning everyday.

In-person Classes – Distance Learning – Hybrid/Blended Learning 

In school, blended, individual learning

1:1 and BYOD Initiatives
Chromebook™, Tablet, MacBook®, PC

Increase active communication

Boost Individual & Partnered Activities
Interpersonal, Presentational, Interpretive

Differentiate learning

Live Monitoring – Student Progress
Build Speaking Confidence

Create & share

Authentic Content
Audio, Video, Text, Images, Web Links

AP® testing

Practice & Administer Speaking Exams
Record, Save, Upload – Digital Submission

Assessment & feedback

Collect Recordings – Assess Anytime
Insert Audio/Video/Text Comments

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Smart Instructional Technology for Any Language

Any device



See how Live Language Lab can help build student communication skills.

Success Stories

What are language teachers saying?

The technology provides efficiencies…
Immediate feedback is just such an incredible feature…
It helps students with speaking skills…
We can hear the positive results in their fluency…
The 21st century skills approach to learning is supported…
More opportunity for partnered conversation practice…

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