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A Look at Language Teachers Who Inspire – Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

May 7, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

Once again it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate teachers around the country.  As a company focused on technology for language teaching, we at SANS work with language educators every day.  We see firsthand the passion for the language(s) they teach, a deep-rooted appreciation of world cultures, a drive to open new doors for their students, and an overall “joie de vivre”!

We’d like to share some inspiring stories about language teachers who are being recognized in their communities and by their students for their outstanding work. We hope you enjoy reading about these accomplishments.  We encourage you to share more stories about the teachers you know (maybe you?) who are engaging and inspiring students through language.



Manhasset Spanish Teacher Honored – Focuses on Natural Conversation in Class

“What I like to do is use the language naturally in the classroom by telling anecdotes about my dog or my son or something about my experiences in Spain,” Wiley said. “I try to create an environment that the kids feel comfortable talking and making mistakes in, trying to use the language regardless if it comes out perfect.”

Susan Kocaba: Welcoming the World to the Shoreline

Susan Kocaba was named Teacher of the Year Award by the Connecticut Association for Adult and Continuing Education for her dedicated service as the English as a Second Language coordinator at East Shore Region Adult & Continuing Education. Every day, Susan and the ERACE team are dedicated to helping people from foreign countries develop their ability to communicate and feel more comfortable living in the U.S. and the CT shoreline.

NL Sophomore Finds Hobbies in Six Languages,Instruments

While most college students complete the bare minimum number of foreign language requirements and make time for a few hobbies on the side, University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore Brock Nutter exceeds all expectations. When he met a passionate teacher who spoke Spanish and Portuguese, he said his interest for languages awoke. “I thought that was cool,” Nutter said. “It made me want to be able to speak multiple languages.”

Student thanks Gadsden High School Spanish teacher for turning his life around: Manuel Mendoza was recognized for His Dedication to Students and Their Success

“He won’t take ‘no’ as an answer; if you’re not doing his work, he’ll push you and push you until you do your work,” student, Gabriel Holguin said. “He’d go to every one of my teachers to see how I could get my grades up. He gave his time up after school so he could tutor me and make sure I could get my grades up.”

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