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SANS introduces a new Pronunciation Activity Tool for the SANSSpace platform

The tool provides a framework for language teachers to create pronunciation activities for in school & at home practice


SANS introduces SANSSpace LIVE Virtual Language Lab enabling synchronous, interactive language instruction on cross-platform mobile devices


SANS introduces version 14.3 of Virtuoso Software optimizing audio transmission in wired/wireless language labs

SANSSpace from SANS inc. powers new on-line learning platform from key world language publisher


SANS celebrates 10th anniversary with aggressive development of networked and cloud-based language lab technology

SANS introduces SANSSpace Language Learning Mobile Apps


SANS introduces version 12.2 of Virtuoso Software featuring a new enhanced “e” design instructor interface

SANS introduces SANSSpace version 6.5 Virtual Language Learning Environment with advanced three-mode virtual comparative recorder


SANS introduces version 11.0 of Soloist and Virtuoso Software incorporating SANSTalk™ technology with HD audio

SANS adds new resellers increasing sales distribution on the U.S. West Coast


SANS introduces version 10.0 of Soloist and Virtuoso Software providing efficiencies for file management and lesson development

SANS reaffirms commitment to practicing green operational procedures to share in the process of building a sustainable future


SANS introduces version 9.0 of Soloist and Virtuoso Software providing enhanced student audio/video recording capabilities


SANS marks 5th anniversary with growth and advancement in technology for language learning

SANS introduces version 8.0 of Soloist and Virtuoso Software indicative of over a hundred feature upgrades and enhancements since introduction


SANS introduces SANSSpace™ Virtual Learning Environment broadening their applications to include new possibilities for “anytime, anywhere” language learning


New visual technology becomes part of the Virtuoso and Soloist Software Suite for American Sign Language and Interpreter Studies


SANS Inc. becomes the exclusive worldwide licensor and developer for the Sony language learning technology


Sony Virtuoso™ Instructional Control Software is introduced to work in tandem with the Sony Soloist Software providing a fully-digital language learning platform


Sony Soloist® Digital Comparative Recorder and Media Player is introduced and incorporated into the Sony Symphony® Language Learning System (a hybrid hardware/software combination)


Sony Corporation applies for and subsequently receives seven U.S. patents relating to language learning technology

Sony introduces Conductor™ Companion Software for the LLC-8000 Symphony Language Learning System