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AP World Languages Exams Are Just Around the Corner

April 12, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

What’s Your Game Plan?

AP® exams are less than a month away.  With over 200,000 AP world languages exams being taken, there are thousands of language teachers prepping students to help them do their best. IT staff and AP coordinators are reviewing The College Board testing guidelines to ensure that the exams are administered equitably and responses are submitted to The College Board’s Digital Audio Submission (DAS) portal without a hitch.

We too, at SANS Inc., are working closely with our clients, schools that use our technology for language classes throughout the year and to administer AP world languages exams each May. We reach out to AP teachers and proctors to be sure they are familiar with the exam mode functionality in our SANSSpace™ LIVE browser-based instructional technology and our Virtuoso™ language lab software.  We’re on board for the entirety of the AP exam schedule to help in any way we can – and we do look forward to positive reviews post-AP exams.

Building Student Confidence & Readiness

Students, most importantly need to be comfortable in using the technology on exam day so that their focus is solely on doing their best. According to The College Board,“practicing simulated and real conversations builds confidence”.

Using an instructional technology platform, like SANSSpace LIVE , students get year-round opportunity to practice, build skills and ultimately increase proficiency. It brings live interaction to the language classroom every day. With teacher-student and student-student live audio communication, teachers can quickly partner students for interpersonal conversation, and do formative assessments of oral production.  Every student gets on-the-spot, individual feedback regularly.


Resources for You

If you need a digital recording technology solution for AP testing we can help.  If you’re looking for resources to prep students for AP exams, The College Board has interactive online modules that offer strategies, resources, and activities to help you teach your AP world language and culture courses.

Best of luck to you and your students! Ace it!

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