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In Case You Missed It… Resources for World Languages Teachers

August 27, 2018 Learning Link Blog no comments

As the school year gets into gear, you may be looking for some resources to get back on track, learn something new, and maybe get a different perspective to rev up your teaching skills.  We’ve got you covered.

World Languages Conference Presentations

Typically it’s best to get information first-hand. But with busy schedules, it’s often difficult to attend all of the professional events during the year. Some world language teaching organizations have been generous in sharing presentations from recent conferences.

In case you’ve missed the live presentations, you can still benefit from colleagues’ insights and ideas. Take a few minutes to check these out. The topics and target language focus vary.  We think there might be some great takeaways from these presentations and maybe an Aha! moment or two.

Central States Conference (CSCTFL) 2018 Presentation on Pinterest

SCOLT 2018 Presenter Files on Google Drive

FLANC 2018 Spring Conference Presentation Materials

ACTFL Regional Conference Presentations

Florida Foreign Language Association Presenter Documents


Dominique Geocaris
World Language Dept Chair
Grayslake Central HS – IL

Favorites from a Colleague

We recently heard from Dominique Geocaris, department chair at Grayslake Central High School in IL, an avid user of SANS Instructional Technology for Language Learning. She asked if she could share a few of her favorites for language teaching and professional development.  Thanks Dom!

Martina Bex: The Comprehensible Classroom

SraSpanglish: PBL in the TL

Maris Hawkins: Best practices and reflections about my Middle and Upper School Spanish classroom

Carrie Toth: Somewhere to Share

Ashely Uyaguari: Inspired Proficiency

Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D.: Powerful Teaching. Unleash the Science of Learning

Teach Like a Champion


What’s On Your Go-To Resource List?

Would you be willing to share at least one of your go-to resources?  “Join the Discussion” below to add to the list or post a comment.  Please spread this wealth of knowledge by sharing this post with other language educators.  Thanks!

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