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Post AP® World Language Exams. Looking back and forward.

May 23, 2019 Learning Link Blog no comments

It’s a wrap!  The 2019 AP® World Language Exams are completed. According to recent stats from The College Board, over 225,000 exams are taken by world language students annually.

With so much time spent on curriculum development and intense student preparation, the first two weeks in May seem to go by in a flash – and then the wait is on.  AP Readers, made up of qualified high school teachers and college faculty, will evaluate and score the exams in June as students await their results.

As an educational technology provider focused on language instruction, AP Exam time is also a bit hectic for us. Our tech specialists are busy working with schools who use our software for the Free Response Speaking section of the AP exams. We need to ensure that proctors are extremely comfortable with the oral exam functionality.  It’s easy to use with just a few simple steps, but like anything else, a little practice builds confidence, so things go smoothly.

Our software is being used by AP teachers year-round for speaking activities and simulated exam practice, so their students become very familiar with how things work.  Students that are comfortable with the technology for the exam can focus solely on the task at hand.  A world language department chair in Chapel Hill, NC concurred on this when asked about how their exam day went. “Things went well.  Having the students training on the program is great.  My students were not nervous at all.” 

Looking Back – How did things go?

Post-AP exams, we typically check in with schools that are using SANS software to see how things went. The good news is that we’ve gotten a great deal of positive feedback from world language programs around the country.  This comment from a technology specialist in Evanston Township, IL put smiles on our faces. “We tested 150 students using the SANS software this year. The software worked like a charm. It was easy. It was reliable.” 

The Northside Independent School District in TX, tested 880 world language students, using SANS software.  Their instructional specialist for international languages said, Another successful experience for all of our AP proctors thanks to our dedicated students, teachers, and our local SANS representative. Technology and student ability working hand in hand!”.     

Looking Forward to 2020 – Teaching Resources

It seems like it’s never too early to get started for next year. A review of the 2019 exam questions may be a good place to begin.  The College Board has posted the 2019 Free Response Questions on The AP Central site. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the AP Spanish Language & Culture Free Response Questions 2019 and AP French Language & Culture Free Response Questions 2019 Questions for other world languages are on their respective course pages.

The 2020 AP Exam Schedule is already set. The College Board has a wealth of information on course & exam updates and new teaching resources for the 2019-2020 school year.

If you need a technology solution to administer the AP World Language Free-Response Speaking Exam in 2020 we can help.

Contact us at your convenience to discuss your language program and overall technology plan.  Once we understand your goals, we’ll be happy to suggest a solution that best fits your needs.

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