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Post AP World Languages Exams 2017 – How Did We Do?

May 23, 2017 Learning Link Blog 2 comments

AP® Exams 2017 are now in the history books. This year The College Board introduced new requirements for digital recording and on-line submission of student responses for the speaking portion of AP World Languages exams. These new rules have had many schools scrambling to figure out the best way to administer the tests.

For those schools using SANS’ Virtuoso™ and SANSSpace™ LIVE technology platforms, concerns about the changes were minimal. Why? Because we have been providing controlled AP digital recording solutions to school language departments for AP exams and other oral testing for more than 10 years, and our technology is fully compliant with The College Board procedures.

Trevor Packer, College Board Senior Vice President of AP and Instruction, post 2016 AP Exams commented on social media; for both French and Spanish AP students, “the most challenging portion of the exams is the spoken conversation.” For this reason, we encourage AP language teachers to use our conversation partnering tool and speaking exam mode with their students on a regular basis throughout the year. Students get more time for interpersonal and presentational speaking practice, so they’re better prepared and comfortable when it comes time to take the exams.

Additionally, teachers can continually monitor and coach students live in class and give verbal, written, or video feedback anytime.

When the first two weeks of May roll-around each year, for SANS technology specialists, it’s “all hands on deck”. We’re always available to make sure that schools using our technology for AP exams have the best experience possible when administering the tests and saving and uploading their students’ responses.

When the AP testing is done, we are compelled to ask, “How did we do?” so that we can evaluate and continue to make our technology more intuitive and user-friendly during those very stressful testing days.

The news from our regional technology specialists has been very good across the country. SANS’ technology specialist, Joe Bratton, commented that he has was pleased with the positive feedback from schools in his area. For example, Greater Latrobe Senior High School in Pennsylvania, used their new SANSSpace LIVE technology for AP Spanish, German & Music Theory exams and reported that “testing went very smoothly and students were comfortable using the technology.”

Many instructional technologists, AP coordinators, language teachers, and AP proctors have shared their experiences with us. Thank you to everyone that we have heard from so far. Your feedback is invaluable.

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SANSSpace LIVE Speaking Exam Interface

See what educators are saying:

“Our AP exams were a success! SANS language lab technology continues to be the perfect tool to administer 700+ AP exams for our Spanish, French, German, & Music Theory students!”
Roseanna Perez
Instructional Specialist
Northside Independent School District, TX

“With our new SANS technology, AP testing went very smoothly!!! We just finished uploading all 196 student recordings to ETS – no problems.”
Danika Anestos
Foreign Language Teacher/AP Exam Proctor
Hueneme High School, CA

“We administer four AP world language exams, as well as the AP Music Theory exam, all of which require digital listening and speaking equipment. Whether we are testing 3 students or 130 students per exam, the level of service provided is excellent. We are secure in knowing that the administration of our AP world language exams will go smoothly.”
Judith Nedell
AP Coordinator
Greenwich High School, CT

“It was the easiest AP administration ever. The AP Mode feature in the lab is amazing and works beautifully! Thanks.”
Laura Zinke
Foreign Language Department Chair
McClintock High School, Tempe UHSD, AZ

“We had a GREAT year with AP exams. No problems at all. Everything was recorded and submitted to AP immediately via their new upload system. SANS’ Soloist® recorder did work perfectly!”
Jimmy Wildman
Head Teacher, Foreign Language Department
Glastonbury High School, CT

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  1. Christine Berg
    Posted on May 24, 2017 at 7:00 PM

    One of the most consistent feedback comments that I received in my end of the year course eval was some variation of ” thank goodness we have the lab! We were so prepared for the speaking part of the exam!” I am convinced that Our Sony Virtuoso Language lab is the key to my students’ success.

    • Stella Derum
      Posted on May 31, 2017 at 3:27 PM

      Christine, thank you for your feedback. It’s great to hear that your students understand the benefits of using the language lab technology on a regular basis. Hopefully, everyone did well on the AP exams. Let us know! Thanks again!


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