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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing technology is an important decision that will impact student learning. We encourage educators to ask questions in order to make the right choice. Here are some questions and answers on topics that we are frequently asked about. If you have a question that has not been addressed here, email us at MoreInfo@sansinc.com to discuss it.

Our language classes are a combination of in-person and remote. Can we use your technology for different learning models?
Yes.  Live Language Lab On-demand is a browser-based technology making it flexible for both in-school and at-home learning.  Teachers and students log-in from anywhere and begin an interactive class.

Our language program includes AP® courses. Are we able to use your technology to administer the AP exams with digital recording to comply with the College Board requirements?
Yes. Our technology platforms have the functionality to administer standardized tests that have listening and speaking components. Student responses are digitally recorded and centrally collected and saved. The recordings can then be uploaded to a submission portal, like the DAS site that The College Board has setup for AP® exams.

From a teaching and learning perspective, teachers report that when students work with a technology platform that is integrated into the curriculum, they are more comfortable, confident, and better prepared for exams.

Our school has a 1:1 mobile technology program. How can we use your technology in our world language classes?
SANSSpace™ LIVE would be a good solution for you. It’s a multi-platform, “Live Interactive Virtual Environment” for language learning. The teacher and students can be in the same classroom or anywhere and log-in from a mobile device to participate in an interactive, real-time language class.
We have multiple language classes during a single class period. Can more than one teacher use the technology at the same time?
Yes. We have “multi-teacher” options so that multiple classes can be working with the technology simultaneously.
Can my students access lessons and other materials that I assign them to work with at home?
Yes. Students can use our technology at home to work on assigned activities, self-review of work, and practice. This is especially helpful for development of listening and speaking skills. It can greatly increase the amount of time that your students are engaged in the language beyond the classroom – anytime, anywhere.
My students have varied skill levels and learning styles. Can your technology help me differentiate learning so that all of my students can be successful?
Our technology provides multimodal learning functionality to align with different learning styles. It provides a safe, non-intimidating environment where students are not afraid to speak, allowing them to develop confidence in target language production. The private communication between the teacher and student make it easy for a teacher to work with an individual without anyone else in the class being aware. A teacher can simply send out varied activities to accommodate any number of skill levels within the class.
Can we use materials that are available from a world language publisher?
Yes. It’s easy to incorporate publishers’ digital materials when using our technology. We also have technology tools for teachers to create lessons with authentic audio, video, images, web links etc. and use them within our platforms.
Our World Languages program offers several spoken languages as well as American Sign Language. Do you have a solution to accommodate all of these course offerings?
Yes. Our technology is language independent to accommodate most spoken and visual languages. Real-time audio and video communication and recording is possible. In addition to many World Languages and ESL programs using our technology, it’s widely used for ASL and Interpreter Training Programs.
Do we have to purchase the technology or can we do an annual license?
We have a flexible pricing structure to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Your SANS representative will be happy to explain both purchase and annual licensing options so that you can decide which one will work best for you.
How can we ensure that our technology remains current?
With our technology development team in the United States, SANS is able to continually update, add features, and enhance our products on a regular basis. There is no concern about a “middle-man” or off-shore third party developer being involved which can ultimately delay development. We offer our customers annual upgrade plans to ensure that you will always have the latest features and functionality.
How is your company related to Sony?
SANS is the exclusive licensor and developer for Sony Language Learning Software.