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SANSSpace Virtual
Language Learning

What is SANSSpace?

SANSSpace is a browser-based Language Learning Platform, with productivity tools to help teachers guide and engage students in active language learning.

Students have more opportunity to develop speaking and communication skills. This simple, easy-to-use application increases students’ target language production through interactive learning.

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A flexible solution for language learning

1:1 and BYOD | Chromebook™, iPad®, PC, Mac®, Smartphones | With any web browser

No wasted class time

When teachers and students log-in to SANSSpace LIVE class, synchronous communication begins immediately.

Built-in feedback tools

Record and collect students’ work in one step, review anytime, and give feedback using text, audio, or video. Students can review their recordings with your comments any time to self-reflect, correct, and move forward.

More speaking time

Quickly partner students for speaking practice and maximize your active class time.

Individual attention

Simple tools to monitor how students are doing make it easy to identify students that may need some additional help on the spot.

Authentic content

Transport students by integrating real-world, authentic materials including audio, video, text, images, and web links.

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See how SANSSpace LIVE can help build student communication skills.

Using SANSSpace, teachers and students can communicate and work together in real time or asynchronously. The built-in, virtual language recorder gives our students more time to speak, listen, and self-evaluate.

— Director, Foreign Language Education, NY

Helping language teachers reach the 90% target

ACTFL recommends target language communication be at least 90% of instructional time.

We know that so many language teachers are reaching for this goal, but in a traditional classroom with limited class time, it’s not always easy.

The productivity tools in SANSSpace LIVE help teachers manage class activity allowing students more time for interpersonal and presentational speaking practice. More time in the target language builds student confidence and proficiency.


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