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Digital Language Lab

How can the Virtuoso technology benefit me as a language teacher?

The Virtuoso™ and Soloist® digital language lab software platform provides tools for teachers to effectively communicate with students, manage class flow, and develop and deliver interactive lessons and activities to build student target communication skills in any world language, ASL, or ESL.

Scalable Technology to Fit Your Needs

The Virtuoso suite is scalable, giving you the level and type of functionality that you need today with the ability to modify or enhance your technology as the needs of your language program change or grow. Offered in graduated modules with varying levels of sophistication and functionality, each module is upgradeable to any of the levels above it. Use the Virtuoso technology in a multi-purpose technology lab, a dedicated language lab space, or in a wireless environment.

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Integrated and Interactive Instructor and Student Components

Virtuoso™ Instructional Control Software is the teacher’s interface and control panel. The classroom layout and students are graphically represented.



Soloist® Digital Comparative Recorder is the student digital recorder and media player.



Improve How Your Students Learn a Second Language

Maximize Time

to develop core language skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Create Lessons & Assessments

that meaningfully incorporate audio video, pictures, text, and web resources.

Incorporate Culture

through guided, web-based explorations to connect, understand, and develop insight into the roots of the language and the people.

Guide Students

and keep them focused using screen, audio, and video monitoring tools.

Easily Pair or Group Students

for collaborative projects that stimulate thinking and interpersonal communication.

Enable Differentiated Learning

activities considering the uniqueness of individual learners.

Practice and Instill Confidence

in students for successful exams with listening and speaking components; AP® and IB tests, for example.

Engage Today’s Digital Learners

with digital language lab technology incorporated within a smart curriculum that encourages interactivity and multi-modal learning, and self/peer review.

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My students love the lab technology. When I pair them up, they work together and focus on their partner and the task at hand. Nothing else distracts them.

— Spanish Teacher, Glastonbury Public Schools, CT