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AP® World Languages Exams require digital audio recording for spoken responses.

The College Board now accepts only MP3 digital files for the Spoken Free Response sections of the AP French, German, Italian, and Spanish exams, as well as Music Theory.

The SANSSpace LIVE instructional platform is ready to record student responses!

Student responses must now be recorded digitally, saved in MP3 file format, and then uploaded to the College Board DAS (Digital Audio Submission) portal to be reviewed and scored. The SANSSpace LIVE platform makes it simple to administer the free response AP speaking exam and efficiently upload student responses.

Easily administer speaking exams with SANSSpace LIVE.

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SANSSpace LIVE Speaking Exam Interface

With SANSSpace LIVE, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Start exam and send audio prompts to students

Digitally record student spoken responses

Collect responses and upload to The College Board on-line portal

Build student confidence for successful exams

The SANSSpace LIVE instructional platform can be easily integrated into your curriculum so that students have more opportunity to work in advance with the technology they’ll be using for the AP exam. Many teachers have reported that students are ultimately more confident in their speaking ability and better prepared for exams when they are comfortable with the technology.

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