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Scalable Technology with Flexibility to Change as Your Needs Change

The Virtuoso software suite is scalable, giving you the level and type of functionality that you need today with the ability to modify or enhance your technology as the needs of your language program change or grow.

Optimizing Learning & Collaboration

Virtuoso Major has the most comprehensive set of features of any language lab technology. Teachers and students can use a variety of flexible tools for productive interactive group, pair, collaborative, or individual learning and communication.

Multiple options for class organization and ways to group or pair students provide a real opportunity for sharing and development. Instructional control is optimized to help teachers work with their students most effectively. Teachers may launch files and programs for students; share keyboard and mouse; as well as monitor, and model student work.

ASL & Interpreter Training

Virtuoso ASL is designed specifically for American Sign Language and Interpreter Training programs. Working with video and audio files, students can access assignments, record their signing or voicing, and save their work on a local area network or portable storage device. The student’s recording, as well as the original stimulus, is readily available for student review or instructor assessment.

More Active

Virtuoso Minor adds more interaction between students and teachers and provides additional classroom control to monitor and coach students as they work together or study independently. To maximize space and time, multiple classes may be taught simultaneously.

Simple Control and Collaboration

Virtuoso Apprentice takes the next step in functionality. At this level, the Soloist Digital Comparative Recorder is used for student recordings. There are additional instructional control features and students now have the ability to work together in pairs.

Oral Skill Development and Testing

Virtuoso APT, our most basic suite, is optimized for speaking practice and all-purpose oral testing with instructor control. The simple, teacher-controlled, APT Digital Comparative Recorder is designed specifically for basic recording and saving student responses.